Workshop Registration

Workshop registrations are now open and we operate on a first come first serve basis. Please choose one workshop per time slot and bear in mind that there will be talks and panels happening on the mainstage at the same time. *Workshop title may change 

11.30am - 12.15pm


Developing A Growth Mindset

Workshop 1

Catherine Wallwork (Head of Innovation Engagement & Mindset at DELOITTE) + Jack Townsend (Ventures Crowd Manager at DELOITTE)

Workshop 2

Practicing Mindfulness In The Workplace

Selina Morgan-Gayle (Founder & Mediator at SMG Mediation LTD)

Mainstage: Accenture Panel - What is Leadership & Why You're All Leaders

2pm - 2.45pm


Selling yourself - the art of a great interview: Personal branding, overcoming nerves and thinking on your feet

Workshop 1


Workshop 2

Choosing Courage - Picking Your Battles and Speaking Up In The Workplace

Chloe Davis

My G Work/UK Black Pride

Mainstage 1:  In Conversation with Pamela Hutchinson (Life Lessons & Learnings)

Mainstage 2: 'Odd One Out' Managing An All White Team

3.45pm - 4.30pm


Identifying Inclusive Employers

Workshop 1


Workshop 2

How To Foster An Authentic Sponsor Relationship 

David Villa Clarke (CEO, Aleto Foundation)

Mainstage 1:  Confidence is a Mindset - Learning From The Creatives

Mainstage 2: Africa Focused - How We Can All Play Our Part

12.15pm - 1pm


Navigating to Leadership - Career and Pay Aspirations

Workshop 1

Chris Bartlet (Senior Director for Customer Success EMEA @ ADOBE)

Workshop 2

Developing Executive Presence and Owning The Room*


Mainstage: Reimagining The Future With Black Leadership

2.45pm - 3.30pm


 Financial Literacy - How to Get it, Keep it and Invest it 

Workshop 1

Bola Sol (Personal Finance Guru, Refined Currency)

Workshop 2

Coding For Change - Building Tech for Profit and Purpose

 Ashleigh Ainsley (Co-founder,

Mainstage 1:  Intrapreneurship - Hacking Your Way To The Top With an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Mainstage 2: In conversation with Lord Michael Hastings - Send the Elevator Back Down

4.30pm - 5.15pm


Ten Skills Needed For The Future of Work  

Workshop 1


Workshop 2

External/Internal - Building An Effective BAME Network 

Maverine Cole (News Broadcaster)

Mainstage 1:  Are You Equipped? (Trevor Phillips) 

Mainstage 2: BYP Network Presents: Why Not Lead? Podcast Panel

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