Develop your skills portfolio and get the knowledge you need to reach your leadership potential.

Topics We’ll Cover:

- Intrapreneurship - Hacking Your Way To The Top With an Entrepreneurial Mindset 

- Practicing mindfulness in the workplace

- Developing executive presence and owning the room

- Choosing Courage: Picking your battles and speaking up in the workplace

- Financial Literacy: How to Get it, Keep it and Invest it

- Confidence is a mindset: Learning from the creatives 

- How to Foster an authentic sponsor relationship


Hear from senior leaders who are driving cultural change in their companies and learn how you too can make a positive impact at your workplace.

Topics We’ll Cover:

- The elephant in the room: saying the word “Black”

- Leveraging an effective BAME network

- ‘Odd one out’: Managing an all white team

- Send the elevator back down: building talent

- The I in D&I: Retaining talent


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us! Come along and learn from top tech leaders and equip yourself for the future of work.

Topics We’ll Cover:

- AI and I: Building Black into the Future

- Coding for Change: Building Tech for Profit and Purpose

- Reimagining the future with Black leadership

- Breaking barriers: Black Bold and British (Learning from past leaders)

- BYP Network Presents: Why Not Lead? Podcast Panel

- The Law and I: Staying ahead of the curve, Informed not misinformed

- Securing the Bag: Pay Negotiation

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